Welcome to The Shift

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Welcome to The Shift

We live busy, committed lives most of us juggling to keep things like loved ones, jobs, homes, finances, volunteer activities, fitness all balanced. For the most part that juggling act is pretty successful.  There may be days that are harder, when the odd ball bounces a bit, but we still keep things in motion.  

And then a moment comes –  Stress, change, challenge.  All of a sudden, the balls aren’t just dropping – you aren’t even sure you have the energy to care which, if any of them, explode on impact!

The Shift is a series of six workshops designed to help you build some tools to manage these changed circumstances.  Developing this body of workshops was not an accident.  Each of us has experience in being primary caregivers for spouses and/or parents.   Each of us has had friends experience debilitating and sometimes fatal disease. Or we have personally heard an unwelcome and frightening diagnosis.  Like everyone, we continue to manage and support  each other through these difficult periods. We’ve learned a few things along the way.  This series is about sharing those lessons.


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