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The Shift is a series of workshops designed to help participants embark upon a journey of self discovery. The six sessions are primarily designed to empower those whose lives have been impacted by challenge and change. Each session uses stress relieving tools and techniques that are straightforward and require minimal time commitment.

The series begins by exploring the power and potential of the word “No” in order to achieve quiet space.  It continues with an opportunity to become reacquainted with that internal self that may have become silenced.  Then it is time to enter into a conversation with that internal self to better determine what may be needed. The next session explores strategies to achieve self care. A laugh a day may not keep the doctor away, but it is certainly a good thing so the fifth session is about inviting yourself to a play date. And finally, the sixth session brings the insights together and celebrates the journey.

There are 6 sessions that run for about 2.5 hours each including a break. Travel time and the type of presentation chosen will determine the cost. Please contact us for more information